Move Over Eggs, Bacon Is The Best Breakfast Food Ever

For many people across the world, the morning table boasts of a healthy plate of bacon and eggs. But today, we are here to make a case for what comes first in this favourite breakfast combo, bacon and eggs, or eggs and bacon, well just bacon. 

Food Porn Bacon GIF

The smoky flavour has the magical power to inflame your deepest passions. And for lovers who are already all for the notion know that there is no such thing as leftover bacon. There’s only good bacon and better bacon. While I am in no way trying to encourage you to eat it all day, every day, because the salty, crunchy truth is, one has to humble their jollifications when spreeing on bacon.

If you want to believe in something, know that the umami in bacon is an addictive substance that has a neurological impact on the brain, you’re sure to feel your mood improve. Bacon is sweeter than a box of chocolates, metaphorically of course.

bacon GIF

It’s true, the whiff of ‘bacon on the way’ will turn even a vegetarian’s head – it’s the combination of 150 different compounds that create the heavenly, enticing aroma.

You may have heard a bad rap around bacon but in all seriousness, bacon contains a few things that are good for you, including high-quality protein, and high levels of essential vitamins and minerals. So hog on! In moderation, of course!