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Move Over Hot Chocolate, Your Milk Actually Revamped All These Dishes

Milk in itself is a complete meal is not unknown to us. But what we are unaware is the versatility of this white love. No, we don’t mean the sweets and the desserts filled with milk that are just too much to resist. What we mean are those scrumptious foods that are filled with the goodness of milk without compromising a bit on the taste quotient.

To all the times food having this elixir of nature as an ingredient topped our food charts.

Chicken and Milk Stew

Chicken seared to a beautiful golden brown and further cooked in a buttery broth of milk and aromatic herbs- the stew will glide past your senses.

Creamed Cauliflower With Herbed Crumb Topping

Cauliflower is boring for you? Well, it won’t after you taste this delectable gratin. Coat the vegetable with leek and parmesan sauce made with low-fat milk and put herbed, buttered crumbs as a topping. Put it out for your guests and watch it disappear.

Mawa Misri

This treat from the land of warriors make us want to keep asking for more. Mawa Misri is a sweet play of milk and nuts with crystal sugar inside our mouths.

Dhaniwal Korma

This unique experiment with milk and lamb is sure to spark of wonders on your taste buds. The creamy lamb curry full of exotic spices, curd and aromatic saffron infused milk is a sure shot show stealer.

Golden Macaroni And Cheese

This one is a crowd pleaser. All you need is a no-cook roux that makes this luxuriously creamy mac and cheese a snap to fix – just stir boiled macaroni into a mixture of flour, milk and cheese and then just stick it in the oven. Voila!

Spiced Simmered Corn

Recall the evening when you come back from work and open your fridge to just find milk and corn. Worry not because this soothing corn curry will rescue you. Low on masala, light on stomach and whopping high on taste, the dish won’t leave out any scope of not being satisfied.





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