Mughlai Dishes That Make You So Hungry, You Can’t Focus Anywhere Else

Well, it’s the holiday season and on any given holidays, our heads are mostly occupied with thoughts of delicious food. And none can deny Mughlai food is one particular weakness. It seems the emperors of the Mughal dynasty loved their food and drinks because no one influenced the food in India the way the Mughals did.

Most of our favourite meaty dishes are Mughlai delights which evolved in the medieval times and over centuries have been transformed into the dishes we’re so fond of today. While we are versed with the names of several dishes, we’ve listed 8 Mughlai food dishes you need to try right now.


This is a non-vegetarian khichdi. A perfect dish for the cold winters, Haleem is a minced stew of barley, wheat and meat with the occasional inclusion of lentils. Give your taste buds a treat with this meaty delight.

Mughlai Parantha

The keema filled egg paranthas are our dearest. Well the thought a delectable soft bread mixed with keema, eggs, chopped onions, green chilli and pepper gets our mouths watering every single time.

Murg Musallam

Stuffed chicken has never tasted this good. One of the most exquisite Mughlai dishes, it comprises of a whole chicken prepared with different spices and seasonings with the main ingredients being egg, tomato, ginger and onion.

Navratan Korma

This creamy vegetable curry is probably the tastiest way to eat your veggies. Navratan Korma is a vegetarian delicacy from the Mughlai kitchen which translates to ‘nine-gem’ curry. The gems are the fruits and vegetables that make up the curry and gosh, you’re in for a treat.

Murg Noorjehani

As the name suggests, there’s a lot of history entwined with this dish itself. The cooking process involves marinating chunks of chicken well in a mix of curd and ground Mughlai spices which is further cooked further with milk, almond paste and saffron. Its simply delicious!

Mutton Rogan Josh

Isn’t this one of the best mutton dishes ever made? The juicy mutton pieces cooked in spices and the thick gravy never stops tempting us. If you want to showcase your Mughlai culinary skills, this is your go-to recipe.

Murg Kali Mirch

If the spices of Mughlai cuisine are getting too heavy on you, try murg kali mirch. Pepper takes the center stage in this delectable chicken recipe. It requires some skill to cook murg kali mirch as it should be perfect to the point that it’s the pepper adding taste to the dish and not heat.

Shahi Tukda

If you love ghee and milk and nuts, your dessert for tonight is quite sorted- the popular Shahi Tukda. It’s so common that we quite often forget the dish’s Mughlai roots. The delicious dessert includes pieces of crispy bread which are later coated with rabdi. Saffron, cardamom and cinnamon are added to enhance the taste.



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