Did You Know: Mushrooms Apparently Are Great As An Anti- Inflammatory Food

There are so many food items, dishes, drinks that are widely considered as anti-inflammatory in their properties- they are obvious – they are accessible – they are known to all. But there are some not-so obvious entrants like our favourite fungus, Mushroom!

So long you lightly cook or consume raw mushrooms, there is a chance that you will get relief from inflammation and swelling. Mushrooms have low calorific values and are rich in selenium, copper and B vitamins that provide protection against inflammation. Plus, this amazing fungi is also a good source of proteins, antioxidants, minerals, fibers! However cooking mushrooms can hamper the potency of this protection! So whip up a nice salad with mushrooms, or perhaps a tart, or roast them lightly for the smooth, buttery, silky flavour and some medicinal benefits as well!


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