7 Unique Waffle Toppings

Be it rain, or be it hail; be it storm, or be it snow; be it a groggy morning, or a chilly evening- Waffles are always welcome! Their sinfully crunchy texture with butter oozing out of every pore gets our weak spot every single time. There is no such dish as versatile as a waffle either- with waffles being equally satisfying for breakfast, as for an evening snack, or even a delicious guilty indulgence after dinner.  We’ve all tried the regular vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce waffles- here are some of the different waffle toppings that you have to try to get the most of this awesome-sauce dish!

1. Apple Sauce

Move over from Nutella and Ice Cream, and try this wonder with your waffles to give it a sweet yet zingy taste!

2. Fried Egg and Avocado

Sound a bit whacky- but trust us- once you get your waffles loaded with these, you’ll forget your own existence

3. Peanut Butter (and jelly!)

Where there’s peanut butter, and where there’s jelly, there is life.

4. Blueberry Syrup and Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt with blueberry syrup is a deadly combination- deadlier with waffles!

5. Cheese

We can literally pizza-fy anything and everything, but waffles with cheese are a class apart.

6. Guacamole

Use this evergreen avocado dip to jazz up your waffles, maybe even add some cream cheese on top!



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