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7 Sangrias To Kick Start Your Day With A Boozy Brunch

The holidays are already here, which means we’re eating constantly, all day long. Keep the feasts going with these early afternoon brunch appetizers and winter time sangrias. Regardless, one thing’s sure- a delectable breakfast perfectly paired with a drink of

These Unusual Cookies Need To Be On Your Food Bucketlist

Cookies are love – three bites of flavour-packed goodness. Be it crispy and sandy or chewy and buttery, when it comes to varieties of cookies, the entire world is filled with flavours that you can never finish eating. And with

A Love Letter To Sambar

Sambar can do no wrong. Let’s be real with that information. Sambar, whether with an Idli dunked or accompanying a dosa or simply at home with rice. Sambar evokes as unanimous an opinion as ubiquitous its presence is. Our love

Top Reason To Like Winters: Sarson Da Saag and Makke Di Roti

What’s winter without sarson da saag and makki di roti?! Well, it exists but it exists just as much something sad and miserable exists. Winter without this delicious combination is one that you haven’t truly experienced. With some gud, with