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8 Desi Dishes That Will Add Rang To Your Life

Colours- they make us feel lively and vibrant. So why not include them in our diet, when we have so many options to load up our plate every day with as many colourful foods as possible! We mean, colours add

From Breakfast To Dinner, Crepes Satisfy Us In Every Meal

Crepes are just fantastic. The versatile, delicate and thin pancakes are our favourite go-to anytime, anywhere. They are a tempting breakfast, an interesting appetizer and a tasty entrée and also a luscious dessert.   Savoury or sweet, here are the

A Love Letter To Chocolate Cake

One chance. One glance. That’s all it takes to start a real romance, right? Colours? Brighter. Sounds? More resonant. Smells? More powerful. That’s how it feels to be in love, in love with chocolate cake. A love so deep, a love

6 Scrumptious Dishes Every South Indian Food-Lover Must Try

The New Year hangover hasn’t even ended and the nation is already celebrating again. And this time, it’s the harvest festival! Celebrated nation-wide, this festival has multiple names – Makar Sankranti in the West, Lohri in the North, Bihu in