Bucket List Khana

A Love Letter To Sambar

Sambar can do no wrong. Let’s be real with that information. Sambar, whether with an Idli dunked or accompanying a dosa or simply at home with rice. Sambar evokes as unanimous an opinion as ubiquitous its presence is. Our love

Top Reason To Like Winters: Sarson Da Saag and Makke Di Roti

What’s winter without sarson da saag and makki di roti?! Well, it exists but it exists just as much something sad and miserable exists. Winter without this delicious combination is one that you haven’t truly experienced. With some gud, with

GT Eats: Japanese Cuisine Beyond The Usual Sushi

Japan is a dream destination for a whole bunch of people, people who form a wide variety of themes. From people who obsess over Hello Kitty to people who are hardcore anime fans to people fond of minimal but flavour

Pizzas From India That You Need To Try Before You Die

Be it freshly made for lunch or dinner, re-heated for breakfast as leftovers – one thing that you can never get enough of is some delicious pizza! Freshly made dough that’s soft yet chewy, topped with a creamy tomato sauce

Who Knew Kaju Is The Most Versatile Nut Out There

You’re absolutely nuts if you don’t love cashew nuts. I mean, gone are the days when roasted cashews were served in tiny portion, like caviar. Now they are the everyday snack that you just stash in your handbag for hunger

In Defense Of Thin Crust Pizza

In the world of chunky crusts and deep dishes, there is something unique about thin crusts. They are featherweight, they are foldable, and they don’t let you feel like you spent hours binge eating them. Thin crust pizza is a

The Best Dessert For Winters Is Not An Indian Mithai

The thing about some desserts is that they win over our savoury mains, they win the meal, the win our hearts, and they win our palate. Sure we all love our chocolates, cakes, macarons, trifles and truffles, but there is

6 Baked Goods That Are Too Gooey To Give Up

Baked goods are truthfully better than fried foods, if you ask us. They are carby and fatty, sure, but they aren’t that adverse for our bodies either. Plus don’t we all just bake things in order to get the ooey-goeey