Pizza Hut & KFC Present What You Didn’t Even Know You Needed: Popcorn Chicken Pizza

We all know how tough a spot it is, to sit on a craving and having to choose from two of your favourite things. Pizza Hut and KFC feel the pain, for they have teamed up to give you the popcorn chicken pizza. Yummy!

The hybrid brings the Pizza Hut Classic Crust base, topped with KFC’s gravy, mozzarella cheese, sweetcorn and, of course, the Colonel’s Popcorn Chicken.

Available for just two weeks, from February 3 to February 16, the pizza has been created for National Pizza Day on February 9 and is only available as a takeaway.

The bad news is that this combo is a limited-edition item available only in the UK, and we really hope it comes to India, soon.

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