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Pizzas From India That You Need To Try Before You Die

Be it freshly made for lunch or dinner, re-heated for breakfast as leftovers – one thing that you can never get enough of is some delicious pizza! Freshly made dough that’s soft yet chewy, topped with a creamy tomato sauce that’s a little bit sour, and then loaded with loads of crunchy toppings and mozzarella cheese. Could there be anything more sinfully divine in the whole world? And if you haven’t tried the pizza at all these pizza places across India you’re clearly missing out on a lot of delicious food. The chefs, the food, the décor, the ambience, everything is an experience worth remembering with these pizza chains. So go ahead, and sample some Pizza lovin’!

1. PizzaExpress

Located at: Mumbai & Delhi

This original pizza chain all the way from the United Kingdom recently started up in the country with their brand new outlets. With pizza that’ll get you off the table with its exceedingly good taste; and pasta that’s out of this world- you’ll never be short of options when you go out to eat at PizzaExpress!

A friendly and courteous staff, excellent menu servings, good helpings, sourcing ingredients and recipes directly from Italy, plus some exciting new Italian options- what more could you ask for? Try this outlet if you’re looking to try something new and different from your regular Italian bistro- and you won’t be disappointed.

2. Smokin Joe’s

Located at: Mumbai

Started by two Parsi entrepreneurs in Mumbai, Smokin’ Joes is among the hottest pizza places in the country. With a range of pizzas, breads, and pastas to choose from- it is a must-try! Don’t miss their stuffed burgers too.

3. Slice of Italy

Located at: Delhi

Slice of Italy boasts of a wide range of eclectic and weird dishes apart from the regular pizzas, including Calzones, Submarines, and great salads- definitely go here for the offbeat dishes.

4. Fat Lulu’s

Located at: Delhi

Fat Lulu’s is the reason why we go back to eating pizza every time. A variety of choices for all meat and vegetarian lovers- and there’s homemade pasta to add to the deliciousness!

5. Instapizza

Located at: Delhi

Creating your own pasta and pizza is a luxury that a few people have – and which can be yours at InstaPizza. Because in a world full of Instagram, why shouldn’t our pizza be Insta?

6. Leo’s Pizzeria

Located at: Delhi & Mumbai

If pizza is the answer to your problems – you got it right here! Leo’s Pizzeria has got drool-worthy pizzas, and we bet you can have them everyday of every week.

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