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Pork Lovers, These Dishes Will Make You Love The Meat MORE

Juicy, tender and divine – pork is undoubtedly one of the best kinds of meat. From bacon to ham, if you’re heart goes out to meat, your lust for hogs no bar. But maybe it’s time that you look around your home for this delicious and fatty meat, rather than towards foreign inventions.

Here we present 8 delectable pork dishes from across India that you must try if you’re a true pork-lover.

#1 Doh Nei Iong

One of Meghalaya’s many porky delights, there’s nothing ordinary about Doh Nei Iong’s taste. Essentially a rich, thick gravy that slathers itself over fresh or smoked pork, the preparation’s main ingredient is black sesame. If you want your belly satiation to be long, you just found your pork calling.

#2 Kodava Pandi Curry

Coorg’s spicy Pandi curry stands out as the brightest star on the table. This dish has found its way into most foodie’s hearts; mostly through their tummies. Anything bland perfectly complements this preparation because if there’s one thing this dish isn’t lacking, its flavour.

#3 Pork Paatot Diya

Let me introduce you to the delectable and glorious Pork Paatot Diya – pork at its healthiest best. Baked in banana leaves, this is an impossibly tender plate of pork from Nagaland. The baking infuses the few spices and flavours that were rubbed lightly into the mix while preparing it. Once you start having it, you’ll find your taste buds craving for more even when your tummy is filled.

#4 Pork Laithaun

Mangaloreans know how to respect their favourite four-legged friends and this preparation is the perfect testament to that. A suckling roast pig, it’s stuffed with a mixture of bread, raisins, nuts, liver, onions and spices and is served after slicing up into little slivers of meat and fat.  Hallelujah!

#5 Pork Jadoh

Pork Jadoh is Biryani’s long lost, far more attractive cousin. A regular feature in the traditional cuisine of Meghalaya, it’s a simple preparation where rice is cooked in pork blood (Yes blood, not broth) and then packed with loads of juicy meat chunks. This Khasi dish really needs to start appearing all over the country soon.

#6 Pork Vindaloo

If you’re a sucker for savory meets sour goodness, Goan Vindaloos is your go-to meal. A treatment that finds favour with just about any meat they apply to, its pork version is quite possibly the most famous dish to come out as every meat lover’s favourite Indian gateway. You can enjoy your Vindaloo with bread, rice or bun- anyway you like it.

#7 Pork Fry in Assamese Style

Even though pork actually doesn’t feature much in tradition Assamese cuisine, this is a must-try pork preparation from the state. The ingredients and preparation reach the standards of a promising porcine formula. This isn’t a dish for the weak-hearted as traditionally, the spicier and crunchier it gets, its better. Since it’s prepared with fatty oils, every chunk is gloriously infused with the smoky meat flavour.

#8 Pork Chilly Fry in Kerala Style

Another Indo-Chinese favourite with an indigenous twist, it’s quite difficult to choose between the Assamese and the Malayalee version, but the latter gets is particular about its flavourings. What’s the difference? If you’re partial towards traditional South Indian spices, this is your pork palate as coconut is tossed in along with the other usual ingredients. Not to mention, the wonderful South Indian Tadka that can just never go wrong. It’s a Christmas time favourite, but once you’re done with the first round of these, you’ll be wishing it was Christmas all year round.




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