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7 Sangrias To Kick Start Your Day With A Boozy Brunch

The holidays are already here, which means we’re eating constantly, all day long. Keep the feasts going with these early afternoon brunch appetizers and winter time sangrias. Regardless, one thing’s sure- a delectable breakfast perfectly paired with a drink of sangria makes for one freakin’ fantastic start to your day.

Eggs with roasted tomatoes and cheese

Eggs are already a breakfast favourite, especially if its is a nicely filled fat one.  Fill your egg, whatever is the style, with roasted tomatoes and cheese and the taste will just get better with the multitude of flavour combinations. A sip of apple cider sangria after all the melting cheese in your mouth will just balance out the taste perfectly.

Bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers

Once these bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers are on the table, you won’t be able to stop eating them. Compliment the spicy, sweet, smoky and cheesy poppers with a beautiful melon Sangria. Once you try this pairing, we bet you can’t really think of anything better.

Cheesy sausage stuffed mushrooms

These stuffed mushrooms are simply filled with goodness. Sausage, cheese, garlic and onions, they’ve got it all. You just need the wine and what better than the classic red sangria? You can also soak your mushroom caps in marsala wine; it makes them crazy delicious and also stay moist.

Fig and bacon cheese ball

Perfect for a quick brunch appetizer, these cheese balls are also super easy to make. Once you have it, you’ll realize how beautifully the sweetness of the fig jam compliments the smoky bacon. All that’s missing is something light and bright like a sangria blanco, a white wine sangria option.

Vegetarian breakfast burrito

And because we understand you need something to look forward to in these cold winter mornings, we want you to know that it’s not just beer that fits well with Mexican food. The best thing about serving burritos at your brunch is that you can lay out each individual dish of ingredients and let everyone to build their own. Pair it up with a ginger-blackberry-basil Sangria as some things are just better when they’re together.

Banana Muffins with Chocolate Chunks

Start your day by satisfying your sweet tooth. The banana muffin base gives these pastries a true breakfast feel, and the chocolate chunks simply make it indulgent. Pair it up with a tropical white wine sangria and it’ll literally take you away. You’ll forget the cold weather as the sangria will make you feel like you’re somewhere else, somewhere tropical.

Old fashioned pancakes with blueberry syrup

When it comes to brunch, sometimes only the fluffiest, most delicious pancakes fill our heart and soul. A sparkling sangria with a touch of sweetness pairs well with this lighter style of pancake topping – blueberry syrup. The pairing is guaranteed to get raves from the whole family.