7 Sindhi Delicacies You Can’t Afford To Miss

Stemming from Sindh, a region lying in the heart of now-Pakistan came Sindhi cuisine. Today, amidst restaurants embracing fares from all over the globe, our very own Sindhi food has remained a delicacy limited to the aficionados.

So if you’re one looking out to experiment with cuisines, Sindhi is a good (read: delicious) bet. Scroll through, look up their recipes and keep your papads ready!

1. Sindhi Curry-Chawal

How can you do justice to explain what Sindhi curry is! It checks all the boxes of all one wants in a dish. Nutrition? Check. Easy preparation? Check. Taste? Double check.

2. Koki

Koki is a sinful breakfast dish, a flatbread made of wheat flour, yogurt and butter which results in a combination so good, it’ll send parathas a run for their money. Have it with curd to achieve Nirvana.

3. Tuk Aloo

How can you ever go wrong with potato? Double fry it, mix a lot of spices and have it with Sindhi curry.

4. Dal Pakwaan

Mushy dal with a dash of pudina chutney eaten with crispy Pakwaans sure makes for a combination you’ll crave for days.

5. Dodoh

Another staple breakfast for the Sindhis during winters, Dodoh makes for all things healthy and delicious.

6. Tri-Daali Dal

If you’re someone who’s always on a lookout for healthy options, your wait is over. This special Sindhi dal is a conglomeration of 3 types of Dal- split Bengal gram, split green gram and toor dal.

7. Papad

This one’s a no brainer. You can’t do Sindhi food without papad. Roast it or fry it, you can’t not have it.

Do your taste buds a favour and start prepping for these dishes, like right now. Thank us later!

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