A Love Letter To The Most Comforting Food Ever – Spaghetti!

Ever loved something truly complicated? Something that had so many entanglements but ultimately worth the effort of peeling away every layer till the very end? Spaghetti is the original gangster of comfort food. It is the food you enjoyed as a kid, grew to love on dates as an adolescent, perfected to cook as an adult, and recreated it in a variety of ways as you evolved.

A love letter to spaghetti is not complex at all, though; it is as simple as true love can be. From the humble serving of spaghetti and meatballs to the al dante aglio olio, to something exotic (and perhaps a little OTT) squid ink pasta. There can be so many ways to cook spaghetti, but the comfort and familiarity it presents you back with is the same.

Whether it is the creaminess and slipperiness of spaghetti carbonara, or some alfredo with a dressing of breadcrumbs and parmesan. Or if it is the lush freshness of some pesto and chunky pine-nuts, the power of spaghetti morphs from a perfect date night with some Shiraz, to having a binge-watching solo night with some fizzy cola and a bowl of red sauce, basil and pasta!

In good or bad, in simpleton times or fancy cook-offs, in the want of something healthy but also in the want of something filling -spaghetti is your champ food. It is what you can offer to kids when they refuse to eat anything homecooked, you can give to your diet obsessed friend in forms of zoodles, and you can pass off as culinary expertise when everyone claims on how an adult should know how to cook!

Our love letter to spaghetti is about how it unifies all our favourite moods and some bad moods to give you a dish that never disappointing!