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If You Love Flavorful Food, You Should Not Miss The Country’s Spiciest Curries

Ask anyone to define Indian cuisine in one word and you’ll often hear the term spicy being tossed around. Though not every Indian is fond of hot and spicy food, most of us crave that sweat-inducing spicy food that will set our tongues aflame, bring tears to our eyes and leave our hearts racing a mile a minute. And, if you’re an aficionado of all things spicy, satiate your greed with these scintillating curries from across the country.

Beware! We have warned you that these dishes are not for the faint-hearted. Try them at your own risk.

Phaal Curry

Crowned as the hottest curry in the world, chefs need to put on a gas mask before preparing phaal curry. The world’s hottest chilli, bhut jolokia reigns supreme in this dish. The hotness quotient of this curry has the reputation of making people hallucinate. Need we say more?

Chicken Chettinad

Once you try Chicken Chettinad, your taste buds will be yearning for more.  One of the spiciest and most aromatic preparations around, it leaves you with a satiated appetite and a scorched tongue. Don’t forget to carry water when you embark on this spicy journey.

Madras Curry

The meat balls mixed with the devilishly red curry is quite a sight to behold (you’d want to eat it straight away though) but it will definitely set your tongue on fire. Keep a handkerchief ready as devouring Madras curry is followed by teary eyes and a runny nose.


Found in a number of variants, this Goan dish will jolt the living daylights out of you with its spice content. With bhut jolokia used as the main ingredient, this one will surely make you sweat. Are you ready to take that kind of heat?

Kozhi Curry

If you understand only one taste that is spicy, don’t give this Keralan curry a miss. Considered one of the spiciest chicken curries of India, it is made with a combination of hot, fresh green chilli peppers and dried, ground red chilli peppers. This curry will definitely take your taste buds for one hell of a ride.

Chilli Beef

Talk about Indian spices and memories of chilli beef will find its way into your consious mind. But beware though, as this curry can be rather fiery. Bombarded with spices and dried chillies, you will be reaching for water after every bite of this one.


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