8 Summer Foods That’ll Help You Beat The Heat With Ease

Aren’t you tired of the sun and the scorching heat? Well, join the clan because we feel you. Summer is at its peak and all we want to do is go light. Be it clothes or footwear or even food, we are not very much in favour of heavy stuff during this time of the year. While your wardrobe is almost all set for the summer, is your kitchen equally stacked?

Because smarter food choices during summers will keep you healthy all along. So add these to your menu today!

1. Vermicelli upma

This delicious version of upma is a must-try during summers. Serve vermicelli upma for breakfast and relish the flavourful burst while taking in the much needed nutrients.

2. Cabbage parcels

This summery recipe is your lifesaver from the heat. Throw in them some chicken and veggies, steam them and enjoy this crazy-delicious home-made wraps.

3. Chilled Lemonade

Though it’s a beverage rather than a food, chilled lemonade is an instant heat beater. And there’s also nothing more refreshing in summers besides this refreshing drink.

4. Broccoli Salad

Broccoli, with its innocuous taste and bland personality makes a salad deliciously refreshing. Serve it cold, straight from the refrigerator and enjoy a hearty meal.

5. Fruit Chaat

Fruit chaat is a delicious way to get your daily dose of nutrition and because you can serve this recipe chilled, it’s great for the dreaded hot, summer days.

6. Pesto Pasta Salad

With tomatoes, zucchini and corn at the dish’s core, the fresh flavours combined with delicious homemade pesto makes this pasta salad a super easy and gourmet way to bring sunshine to the table.

7. Roasted Yellow Squash

Here’s your tasty treat that easy to prepare. This tasty gourd is mild in flavor and is a perfect summer treat. Bring a bowl of sautéed squash to the table only to find it over in a few minutes.

8. Ghiya Koftas

You might be disgusted at first but wait till you try. Only then you’ll realize there’s no tastier and better way to beat the summers.




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