7 Easy And Tasty Ideas For Your Sunday Brunch

Lazy mornings and delicious food! Is there anything more comforting? And an at-home brunch means no waiting in line, and devouring as many hotcakes as your heart desires. The best part is you get to eat all of it in your pyjamas.

Try these easy-tasty brunch ideas and we bet they will convince you to take your Sunday ritual back to the kitchen.

Toast and Sunny Side Up

They need no intro, no applaud. One word- PERFECT!


Paniyaram is a non-negotiable brunch staple, and nothing beats the homemade kind.

Honey and Riccota Hotcakes

These sweet and sour, and warm hotcakes will make you slide into your morning like a champ.

Flat Breads

Ditch the crust, double the bacon and devour like a king.

Paneer Bhelpuri

Here’s a good dish for when you need to look fancy with minimal effort, all thanks to paneer bhelpuri.

Badam Kesar Drink

Treat yourself to this richly delicious drink and feel the energy all day.


Finally, if you’re in the mood to detox yourself, Radhika Apte is here with us to guide you.




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