The Best Dessert For Winters Is Not An Indian Mithai

The thing about some desserts is that they win over our savoury mains, they win the meal, the win our hearts, and they win our palate. Sure we all love our chocolates, cakes, macarons, trifles and truffles, but there is something about truly earthen desserts that beg us going back. Baklava falls directly under that category. Somewhere in the middle of mille-fuille, cannoli and barfi lies this dessert.

Originally from the middle-eastern region of the world, Baklava is essentially crunchy and herby with a mouthful of nuts, butter, filo and sugary sweetness. Its primary ingredients though are filo dough and either pistachios or walnuts. Now isn’t that so perfect for this time of the year?

So we suggest next time you feel like you want to try something middle-eastern, don’t settle for the usual shawarma – look outside the realm of typical and go for baklava. And if you are anything like us, you will have it with some warm and sweet Turkish tea!

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