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These Unusual Cookies Need To Be On Your Food Bucketlist

Cookies are love – three bites of flavour-packed goodness. Be it crispy and sandy or chewy and buttery, when it comes to varieties of cookies, the entire world is filled with flavours that you can never finish eating. And with the cookie eating season in full swing, here are 6 unique cookies that you must try this winter.

Garlic Brittle Cookies

Are you one to put garlic in almost every meal you cook? Then why leave your cookie behind? All the real garlic fanatics must try the savory-sweet garlic brittle cookie. Imagining the subtle note of garlic toned down with chocolate chips and walnut brittle is enough to make all garlic lovers’ mouths water.

Zucchini Jalapeno Cookies

If you have an addiction to all things sweet and spicy, this is your new go-to cookie. It’s a twist to our usual carrot cookies with orange glaze – the cookie base uses zucchini and jalapeno for the unique spin. In case you want to make the most of the winter season, you can always bake up another unusual cookie with shredded butternut squash and dried smoke chile peppers like chipotle.

Pinata Cookies

Make your sugar cookies exciting. Though it demands some time and attention, these cookies, just like a real piñata, hide a stash of candy that’ll surprise both kids and adults. If you have the perfect cookie cutter, shape your piñatas this Christmas to signify the Star of Bethlehem on your table.

Triple Choco Fudge Avocado Cookies

Ooey, gooey and delicious – you can’t stop having these fudge cookies yet they don’t have any flour, oats or butter. Wondering what do they rely on then? Its avocado and two handfuls of your favourite chopped up chocolate bar that brings in all the flavour you expect of a sinful dessert. These cookies are an excellent option for everyone to enjoy as they’re gluten-free and nut-free.

Sweet Potato Spice Cookies

If sweet potatoes can make a pie filling that’s irresistible, then why not cookies? And in case you want to bake one, you can mix sweet potato with everything but the kitchen sink – orange juice, butter, borwin sugar, coconut, pecans, oats, butterscotch chips and what not. Additionally , they’re a healthy option as they’re packed with Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, potassium and carotenoids.

Bourbon Maple Bacon Pecan Cookies

Desserts with bacon have commonplace over the past few years, but have you tried the combo of a cookie and bacon? The duo is so on point that you’d be remiss to leave it out of your cookie wish list. Pair it with a hot toddy and here’s your perfect late-night winter snack.