This Is Why Thin Crust Pizza Is Just The Better One

In the world of chunky crusts and deep dishes, there is something unique about thin crusts. They are featherweight, they are foldable, and they don’t let you feel like you spent hours binge eating them. Thin crust pizza is a whole lot of deliciousness in bite-sized beauty, and we tell you why this dish is actually better!

Firstly, it is just the more healthy option. Who wouldn’t want pizzas that are yum and still healthy? Thin crust is lighter because it uses significantly less dough and that means less intake of calories! Thin crust pizzas evoke an effortless feeling of standing by a pizza parlour, holding a thin paper plate with a hot thin pizza slice with cheese oozing out. The one you can walk around with, rolling it up like a burrito or folding it up like a sandwich.

Thin crust pizza is an emancipator that lets you indulge without the addition of guilt. It lets you seek comfort and refuge in the midst of the hustle-bustle that we usually associate with fast food. Plus the charred goodiness of the crust of a thin pizza is reminiscent of vintage, earthen days. The texture, the taste, the little griminess.

In defense of thin crust pizza, we want to say how it makes the toppings your hero. It is secure enough to share space with a plethora of toppings, without making us bite into the crust helplessly as we try to finish the slice. This pizza was the light of our dietary life and boy, did it deliver the goods?!

So while all pizzas are Godly, some pizzas deserve a little bit of more love because look at how much weight they shoulder?!

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