This New Year’s Menu Will Guarantee You Have A Wonderful Start To The Year

2019 is almost here! At this time, most of us are busy prepping for the New Year party. However, if you feel your New Year celebration is getting monotonous year after year, here’s something new for you. And what better can it be other than food.

Try these unique foods this New Year Eve and welcoming 2019 will become a delicious affair to remember.

Cottage Cheese Lasagna

This wholesome lasagna stuffed with soft cottage cheese and a mix of char-grilled veggies is an absolute treat for all the vegetarians out there. This wonderful dish is perfect to feed a crowd at your New Year party.

Tandoori Chicken Bruschetta

It’s all in the name – a classic Italian starter coming together with our very own tandoori chicken chunks. The quintessential smoky flavour of tandoori chicken on top of roasted bread will win each of your guests’ heart.

Coffee marinated Mutton Chops

Mutton and coffee? Yes, please! You may have never tried this but it’s time to do so. Marinate mutton chops with a shot of espresso, some fresh herbs, honey and vinegar and you’ll not go wrong. Promise!

Cheese and Jalapeno stuffed Kachoris

A cheesy take on our favourite kachoris. Crisp kachoris stuffed with paneer, cheese and spicy jalapenos, and your guests won’t be able to stop; so fry loads of them. You can even bake them if you’re conscious about calories.

Golgappa Shots

Another stunner! Everyone likes golgappas filled with zesty paani. Give this favourite street food a twist and stuff a mix of fruit juices and fresh fruits in your golgappas. It’s a great way to start your New Year party.

Apple Jalebi with Gulab Ice Cream

This dessert is a perfect winter treat and a delicious pick for your New Year party. Fry sweet slices of apple coated with a thin batter and dip it in sugar syrup. Serve it with gulab ice cream and it’s an instant hit.

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