7 Chutneys That Are Integral To Every Desi Dish

We sometimes wonder if chutneys undersell themsleves; we mean we never quite regale them like we do a subzi or a dal, for that matter even achaar gets more predominance than the chutney. Because it’s just there, of a variety of flavours, resting unassumingly in a katori complementing our entire meal but still not quite getting the love they deserve. 

And here are 7 cardinal chutneys that change the entire texture and experience of the meal.

1. Dhaniya Chutney

The very favourite of all households, the dhaniya chutney is a staple with almost every dish. The tangy-spiciness of it makes for even a simple chapati come alive with deliciousness.

2. Lehsun Chutney

The texture of this is significantly coarser than other chutneys, and the garlic gives it punches of taste that are undeniably chunky. But there is nothing quite as intriguing in taste as this. Pair it up with makki roti and you will be thoroughly surprised.

3. Coconut Chutney

We aren’t ignorant enough to say that all the varied delicacies from Southern India should be kept under the umbrella of South Indian cuisine – but we are ignorant enough to say that nariyal chutney basically tastes good with everything – and more. We mean, we can eat an entire dosa just with this cool, crunchy, and earthy accompaniment and we won’t be complaining!

4. Amla Chutney

Amla has so many benefits that it is essentially one of the most important ingredients in our arsenal. Whether in murabba form, or in chutney form the grand old gooseberry gives us nutritious flavour whenever we so demand it!

5. Laal Mirch Chutney

Not for the faint hearted- but this mirchifull chutney is a must-have if your palate is adventurous. Simple in its process but complex in its taste that we just can’t ignore it!

6. Tomato Chutney

A staple omnipresent in all of the country, basically, whether you eat it with rice, paratha, poori, utthappam! The proverbial red chutney is a little sweet, a little spicy, and exceedingly delicious.

7. Apple Chutney

More of a relish, but equally important variant of the breakfast chutney. Apple chutney is a little sour, very sweet, and if need be a little crunchy as well. Pour it over any Indian bread and watch the magic unfurl.

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