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6 Awesome Combos You Have To Try If Kheer Is The Only Thing You Desire

Kheer is every Indian’s all-time favourite dessert. The very thought of the delicious sweet, the nutty and creamy texture makes our mouths water. The taste of the well-cooked rice with milk entices all the five senses and tosses up right in the sky with pure ecstasy. And if this is not pure ecstasy for you, we wonder what will do the trick!

However, have you ever tried being experimental with kheer? Well, you must! We have rounded up 6 unique kheer preparations which will definitely make you fall in love with the dessert more than ever.

Matar ki malai dar kheer

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Matar and kheer? You must be disgusted at the very thought. But trust me! Matar can be used to make one of the best desserts like kheer. We are sure you can stop hugging us once you taste this green coloured delicacy.

Raspberry and rasgulla kheer

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Ah! You can’t resist this preparation. A combination of homemade vermicelli kheer with juicy rasgullas will only pull you back to have more. The taste is indulgent and the kheer looks super tasty.

Paneer ki kheer and baby rasgullas

Now that’s something none of us have ever put much thought into. But paneer ki kheer with baby rasgullas is just the perfect way to end your meal. The flavours of kesar and the richness of nuts makes it one of the most delicious Indian desserts out there.

Apple ki kheer with thandai spice

Walk away from the traditional apple kheer and try this improvised dessert. Thandai spice added to this version gives the kheer a delicious nutty texture. Add some rose petals to give the dish an exotic touch and make this dessert a treat for all to enjoy.

Carrot kheer

Now, if you’re health conscious, this is the kheer for you. A simple recipe without any complicated unhealthy ingredients, carrot kheer or gajar ki kheer is simply delectable. With added natural sugar, it has all the sweetness of a dessert without the ill effects.

Makhane ki kheer

Phool makahne ki kheer is the ideal dessert for a Navratri fast. Made with makahna, which are puffed lotus seeds or fox seeds, this is the must have dessert if you want to go light on your tummy.







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