All The Times Aloo Paratha Was Our True Love

Are there people in India, maybe even in the world, who don’t like Aloo Paratha? We mean, people who actually don’t understand why this simple food is actually the most fulfilling and comforting one ever! Our Sunday mornings are incomplete with it, our dabba lunches demand it at least once a week, and on rainy or cold evenings nothing spells love as well as some aloo paratha with butter! These are our reasons, why aloo ka paratha is an eternal satiating love! 

1. It is always warm, like trust us when we say this that there are no cold parathas. There are only warm to scalding and that just suits more when paired with a contrasting cool raita! Now who doesn’t love an entity so comfortable in their own skin, and not compromising when being paired with another!

2. And the silky smooth butter that floats on every inch of our parathas making us know that the end of every hard road there is warmth waiting for us. The carbs, the fattiness, the all-over soul-stirring satisfaction of a cold night juxtaposed with finger licking aloo paratha loaded with makhan! If your complementary element doesn’t make everything in your life silky smooth, then why is it even there!

3. And God forbid if we stop at 1, or even 2. No sir, no. Just like some folks like their pancakes staked, we like our aloo parathas plopped one over the other. Nothing better than having a back-up ready the moment we are done with the first of our choice!

4. Try to imagine a tough day at work ahead, or something rendering you to be stuck to your seat all day and now imagine having a rolled up paratha to help you wade through it. All simple in it’s disposition, giving us ample reasons to just eat at our desk and revel in all the joys without having to indulge in something too much!

It’s true, there isn’t a soul who doesn’t crave aloo paratha when things are down and low – and we for one can’t be happy enough for the luck of having such quick access to it.

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