Cassata To Orange Bar: 6 Desserts That Made Our Childhood Really Sweet!

There’s a mixed feeling about remembering our childhood days- you recall extremely fond memories, and some really #GoodTimes, but somehow feel a little angry at not being able to relive those moments or go back to those days. This bittersweet nostalgic feeling is the same for desserts from the 90’s- we feel bitter to know they don’t exist anymore or we can’t binge-eat them anymore, but the sweet feeling that we used to get on eating them, is still intact.

1. Softy Cone


This was probably the first form of industrially processed ice cream there ever was. We loved watching its delicious, creamy layers being poured into the classic orange cone as much as we liked its taste. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or mango- which one was your favourite?

2. Cassata

amul india

The Indian ice cream market went into a tizzy with this marvelous ice cream wonder introduced by the then brand Kwality. A combination of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and butterscotch ice creams with a crumbly cake base and some crunchy nuts- what more could one possibly want from a dessert?

3. Ice Cream Sandwich

The breakthrough into an entirely new segment for ice cream for kids combining the biscuit-y goodness of chocolate with creamy vanilla was achieved with effortless ease. Though this is still available in some shape and form, with cookie ice cream sandwiches also being introduced, we still miss the original one.

4. Hot Chocolate Fudge


Move over freak shakes, your great grand-daddy is here. Hot chocolate fudge was where it all started! Gooey fudge sauce, which was thicker than the normal chocolate sauces that we have today, loaded with Vanilla and crunchy nuts- cold, sweet, hot, and melty at the same time. Are you drooling yet?

5. Banana Split

This all-time classic is the one that got us eating bananas when mom’s nagging couldn’t. A banana split into two and piled up with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice creams along with chocolate and caramel sauce, and crushed nuts.

6. Five-Rupee Orange Bar

This lick lolly- be it orange, mango or cola- could be had by us at any time and place. Although most of us ended up dripping almost half of it onto our dresses, we still thoroughly enjoyed every bite of the icy-cold experience that was this bar. All in just five rupees!

Though some of these desserts can be found in some shape and form even today, we reminisce and recall them nostalgically every time someone mentions them. So go ahead and try them right away to get your childhood memories back!


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