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Your 20s Will Be Incomplete Without These 8 Whiskey Cocktails

Some of us like our whiskey neat, others like it on the rocks. But regardless of your predilections, whiskey actually comes to life when mixed into a cocktail. The tantalizing flavour combinations of a spicy rye or a peaty scotch makes whiskey the preferred liquor of choice when it comes to the cocktail world. And with the party season around, time and place for the ultimate whiskey cocktails can’t get better; so mix things up a bit and turn your favourite drink into a smashing cocktail.

While the list of great whiskey cocktails is endless, here’re a few tried and true drinks that’ll inspire the inner whiskey lover in you.

Irish Mule

If you like mules, and you like whiskey, then you’ll totally be sold for the Irish Mule. Everything you want in your mule is here, including the ginger beer and lime juice, except it adds an Irish twist with whiskey. Replacing the vodka with Irish whiskey gives you a mule that would even have the leprechauns trading in their pots of gold for copper mugs.

Ginger Whiskey Cocktail

Simple is the best at times and nothing can prove it better than the Ginger Whiskey Cocktail. Requiring nothing more than whiskey, ginger ale and lime, all that’s needed from you is pouring, stirring and sipping. And yes, don’t forget the ice.

Classic Manhattan

The little black dress of the cocktail world, it’s safe to say it’ll never go out of style. The Manhattan has endured for over a century and you still can’t beat a classic cocktail like this one. A few dashes of orange and Angostura bitters along with rye whiskey and sweet vermouth are the trick to make this cocktail sing classic.

Old Fashioned

It’s called Old Fashioned for a reason; whiskey made its entry into the cocktail world with this. If your taste in drink falls somewhere between neat and sweet, Old Fashioned is your go to drink.  A good slug of whiskey, a few dashes of bitters, a sugar cube and a lemon twist is all you need and you’re sorted for the evening. Top it with muddled cherries or oranges if you like.

The Revolver

We understand bourbon lovers don’t always have it easy when it comes to craft cocktails, but The Revolver is truly a bourbon drinker’s cocktail. The cocktail plays to bourbon’s strengths with four delicious ingredients including bourbon of course, coffee liqueur, orange bitters and a fragrant orange peel for garnish. The subtle notes of coffee and orange turn this spirit-forward bourbon cocktail into the perfect after-dinner drink for you to wind down in the most delicious way.

Irish Coffee

Whiskey drinks talks are never complete without Irish coffee. With the cold weather rolling in and the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to spike the coffee in the Irish style. Mix brewed coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and heavy cream and you’ll warm up in no time.


You already expect a certain level of street cred when you order a Negroni. But if you order Negroni’s moody fraternal twin- whiskey in place of gin to complement the sweet vermouth and Campari and correctly pronounce it? You’ll turn heads around. A Boulevardier is especially apt when the temperature drops as the elegant, dependable drink will warm you from the inside.

Hot Caramel-Popcorn Bourbon Apple Cider

When it’s numbingly cold outside, pouring a nip of warmth-giving bourbon into a mug of hot apple cider is one ideal way to tackle the cold. Make the classic pairing even better by steeping the bourbon with caramel popcorn, thus giving the drink a nutty, toasty flavour. And since all popcorn needs butter, we float a pat on top of the finished cocktail.

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