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Who Knew Kaju Is The Most Versatile Nut Out There

You’re absolutely nuts if you don’t love cashew nuts. I mean, gone are the days when roasted cashews were served in tiny portion, like caviar. Now they are the everyday snack that you just stash in your handbag for hunger pangs. And the best part? These comma-shaped crunchy kernels help you remain hale and hearty as they’re high in minerals, fibre, protein and unsaturated fat.

As if it was not enough, cashew nuts also have a sweet and delicious taste. And this explains why they are found in so many exotic cuisines around the world. Today we present to you 7 scrumptious cashew nut delicacies that you’ll absolutely love.

Chicken Cashew Nuts

Love chicken fry? Love cashew nuts? Then just combine the two and satiate your food cravings. And in case you want to make it exotic and serve to your guests, simply add noodles. Trust me! You are so going to love it and so will your guests.

Eggless Cashew Cake

Imagine a soft, spongy cake with traces of all things nutty and all things good. Eggless cashew cake is just the perfect light and sweet dessert which you can have as a tea-time snack or just after a delicious dinner. Add almonds if you want your cake to be more nutty.

Cashew Pesto

Give this popular Italian condiment an Indian makeover with curry leaves and cashews. Well, don’t fret over going desi as the blending creates a relishing treat. Toss your pastas with it and you have a delicious meal ready.

Cashew Vegan Balls

This energy booster is just the snack we all love to nibble on. Filled with the goodness of cashew nuts and dates, you can also sprinkle some seeds of your choice.

Ragi Samosa filled with Cashew Nuts


Walk away from the traditional oil laden samosas! Wait! You can still fulfill your samosa cravings without compromising on your health. Ragi samosa filled with cashew nuts, cucumber and peas is the perfect healthy tea-time snack that’ll also be a hit in your next party.

Cashew Nut Cookies

Is there even anything better to go with along your evening cup of tea? And with nuts known to control sugar levels, it’s a healthy snack as well. Cashew cookie nut is a great option if you want to include essential nutrients in your everyday diet.

Gajar ka Halwa

Can we ever say no to a warm bowl of gajar ka halwa? No way! And isn’t it cashew nuts that take this quintessential Indian dessert a notch higher? Yes we are talking about the crunchy bites we get with every spoon of gajar ka halwa. We are sure nothing can be as fulfilling as this.

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