Why Vada Pav Is The Most Underrated Street Food Dish EVER!

Among all the street food dishes in our beloved country, this is definitely the least talked about. What started as a spin-off on the Aloo Bonda turned out to become a much loved street delicacy, and eventually became synonymous with aamchi Mumbai. Vada Pav is often accompanied with a delicious kadak chai and some green chilli chutney. But what makes this dish so simply awesome?


The Vada in itself is so delicious. The perfect mix of boiled potatoes, mashed with ginger, garlic, mustard seeds, and chilli powder and fried till it becomes crispy brown. This Vada is then squashed inside a half-cut bun, aka Pav. The Vada’s crispy texture perfectly complements the softness of the Pav. Together, it’s a match made in heaven!

Can we take a second to appreciate the spicy sinfulness that is the Green Chilli chutney? Vada Pav becomes all the more awesome solely because of this flavorful zest that is added to it by this chutney.


Vada Pav is also not for the weak-hearted- there’s an additional spicy red Chilli masala that is added to the Vada Pav to make it spicier than ever! The Mumbaikars surely don’t compromise on their mirchi, right? There is literally nothing to compensate the spicyness of this masala, sometimes leaving you coughing and gasping for breath!

Try this beautiful wondrous creation to believe us, and let us know if you were able to stop after eating just one!


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