Why Navarattan Korma Is Every Vegetarian’s Food Bae

Imagine the deliciousness of a creamy yogurt gravy with a coconut base and loads of chopped vegetables in a garlic-ginger paste! Wondering what we’re talking about? This dish is the ideal combination of a gravy, that is originally meant to be solely for the non-vegetarian lovers, and some delicious crunchy veggies. Among all the vegetarian versions of the originally non-vegetarian dishes- the Navrattan Korma is our all-time favourite. The dish’s rich creamy texture with the goodness of almonds and cashews and a hint of spices is truly fit for the kings.

The Korma is a humble dish having its origins from the Mughal raj in India with its etymology firmly rooted in Turkey from the word “Kavurma”. The meat is originally meant to be braised with yogurt or cream, and then cooked in a mixture of a number of selected Indian spices. Since it’s supposed to be a meat-based dish, the Navrattan or the mixed vegetable avatar of the dish is actually really tasty and unique! The Navrattan Korma is unlike anything you can think of- the kind of stuff of only which dreams are made.

Why is it actually called a “Navrattan” korma? Nav Rata or nine gems actually represent the nine different kind of vegetables or nuts that are ideally supposed to be in the korma. From vegetables, to nuts, and even paneer- these nine jewels are what make the dish crunchy, chewy, and tasty. The delectable Navrattan Korma is something you cannot get enough of- and that is why, out of all the spicy mutton and chicken kormas- the Navrattan korma is something we still go back to.

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