Why We Thank The Inventor Of The Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet isn’t just another coloured cake- it’s a revolution. We don’t remember a time when the Red Velvet cake did not exist in our food dictionary. These gooey red delights are the perfect end to a meal, and obviously leave us craving for more! In case you were done and dusted with the cake version- just wait to try some Red Velvet Cheesecake and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Red Velvet isn’t just about the red food colouring and the cream cheese frosting- in case you were wondering. There is so much more to the ‘red’ in the Red Velvet and here’s why it’s awesome!

Firstly, it’s so moist! The Red Velvet, unlike its chocolate or vanilla counterparts, remains delightfully gooey and moist till like the end of time. Moreover, the cream cheese frosting compliments its taste perfectly. Some people just think it’s the red version of the traditional Chocolate cake- but it’s actually not. Both the cakes- Chocolate and Red Velvet- are unique in terms of their ingredients, texture, and frostings.

The richness and sweetness of the Red Velvet is unmatched to any other! This is partly because of the reduced amounts of cocoa that are in it, and the additional buttermilk and vinegar that’s added to it. The vinegar is what reacts with the baking soda and makes the cake rise- whereas buttermilk is what gives the cake softness and moistness. Could you ever imagine something salty would give rise to something this beautifully sweet?

The red velvet also needs to be appreciated for its versatility. There are so many varieties of red velvet desserts in the market today- each more droolworthy and sinfully delicious than the other. There are red velvet pancakes, red velvet cupcakes, cookies, rolls, pastries, and so much more! Bakeries today are incomplete without having at least some items made from this delicious red recipe!

Celebrate this day with a piece of red velvet cake. Go on, you’ve earned it!

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