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7 Bite Sized Meals to Revolutionize Dinner Time

It’s terribly hot, and all we want to really do is consume fresh and healthy food without putting in too much of effort in preparing. Here are a few options that are easy to prepare – not to heavy –

Chef Aditya Bal Brings To You The Authentic Prawns Sukka

Chef Aditya Bal is treating his taste buds to South Indian cuisine as he discovers the delicious dish- Yetti Sukka. It is one of the most delicious seafood of Mangalore. Cooked in coconut oil and Indian spices, yetti sukka is

9 Ways To Make Your Chaat A Little Bit Healthy

Chaat has won over our hearts; the salty, sweet and tangy sensations satiate our taste buds like a pro. But a lot of us have to thwart our temptation as we believe the mouth-watering chaat doesn’t do much good to