This Christmas Try These Fusion Desserts Rather Than The Usual Pudding

Let’s be honest, Christmas pudding is too heavy for some of us. As wonderful a tradition it is, Christmas pudding isn’t everyone’s favourite way to top off a heavy Christmas meal. Though the sight of a flaming dessert approaching the table is most certainly spectacular, many of us just aren’t that sold when it comes to the eating part. If you want to venture beyond the traditional Christmas pudding this year, look no further than these delectable Indian desserts.

#1 Baked Boondi Parfait

Bake boondi in homemade rabdi with pistachios and chocolate and serve it in the parfait style. The modern take on the traditional motichoor laddoos is bound to keep your guests asking for more.

#2 Kesar Badam Cupcakes with Shrikhand Frosting

Not like we need an excuse to have cupcakes in any form or at any time, but here’s one anyway. Cupcakes infused with Kesar Badam and topped with Shrikhand is just the ideal dessert to feast on this Christmas.

#3 Sweet Ravioli with Lacha Rabdi


Have you ever tried sweet pasta for dessert?  Try stuffing sweet ravioli with Paneer and dry fruits, soak it in sugar syrup and serve with rabdi. We guarantee this fusion dessert will make a great impression on your guests.

#4 Oats Sesame Laddu

Here’s a healthy dessert option for you. These laddus are loaded with protein, iron and fiber. Treat your guests to oats without even making them realize it.

#5 Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake

Let East meet West on your table this Christmas. Transform the humble gulab jamun into a gorgeous and totally delicious cheesecake and your guests won’t even leave the cream cheese in this silky, smooth dessert.

#6 Chocolate Cinnamon Gujiya

Give a twist to the traditional gujiya. Fill them with milk solids, nuts, chocolate chips and roll them in cinnamon sugar. And there you have a plateful of heavenly sweet dumplings.

#7 Thanda Phirni

Did you ever imagine that you can also serve Indian rice pudding in a Christmas party? All that’s required is just a twist to the traditional phirni recipe. Add a rich topping of chopped nuts and this fusion dessert is a melt-in-mouth treat.

#8 Phirni Falooda Trifles

At times when you’re confused and don’t know which dessert you want more and yet you want them both – you just bring them together. And a trip to heaven and back is assured with this delectable combination of phirni and falooda.

#9 Kiwi Fruit Sandesh

The humble sandesh goes green! You must have never realized that sandesh is likely to be the heart stealer this Christmas season. Sneak in some kiwis and the mixture is mouth-wateringly delicious.

#10 Thandai Mousse Cake

Before you serve, stick a warning label because Thandai Mousse Cake is so irresistible. Imagine the combination of thandai syrup and whipped cream with the crunch of pistachios inside your mouth… I will die!


Feature image credit: Deeba Rajpal @passionateaboutbaking

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