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10 Fun Chaknas For The New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year time again! In just a few days, we’d be setting foot into a brand new year – 2019. Let’s admit it; most of us have already started prepping for it. From picking the best outfit to food to music, all of you must be set for the New Year Eve’s party. But have you put some thought into chakna because you’ll need it, right?

Instead of going for classic dry fruit like peanuts, try these alternatives this New Year party and we guarantee your guests will keep asking for more.

#1 Chicken Tikka Croquette

The tandoori essence of Chicken Tikka wrapped in breadcrumbs and deep fried makes for a perfect chakna to snack on at a New Year party with friends.

#2 Mini Masala Idli

For the love of South Indian cuisine and spicy food, this is a great option to try out as chakna.

#3 Nachos Chaat

Nachos and salsa is a great munching option for chakna while drinking but sometimes too much hot flavours can overwhelm the palate. So this time, to add some balance to your nachos chakna, add some finely chopped cucumbers, tomatoes to the mix to give it an essence of freshness along with the heat of the nachos.

#4 Bhel

Trying to scrounge up a quick snack to munch on before the drinking begins? Bhel is a convenient and delicious option on that front for it requires no cooking. Just toss all those ingredients in a bowl, and voila! You have yourself your new go to chakna.

#5 Masala Corn

Honestly at some point or the other, all of us have been a fan of those roadside American corns tossed in copious amounts of spices, butter and lemon juice, served in tiny paper cups. Can you almost smell those flavours yet? How about you make some of those for the New Year party and revive your love for Masala Corn?

#6 Cheese Onion Rings

If you’re planning to make onion rings to fulfil your cravings, incorporate some cheese in the recipe and toss it in a beer batter to feel the flavours going up a notch. And there you have the perfect chakna for your guests.

#7 Tandoori Mozzarella Sticks  

There couldn’t be a more heavenly sight than deep fried sticks of melting cheese. Or could there? How about sticking those deep-fried cheese sticks on top of a tandoor and basking, or in this case gorging in the glory of some delicious tandoori mozzarella sticks for chakna this time.

#8 Masala Sprouts Chaat

This one is for the health nuts out there who seek flavour as well as an abundant lightness in everything they eat. With the flavours of a good chaat and the health quotient of fibre foods full of protein, this would prove a good addition to your New Year party menu.

#9 Chicken Popcorn

Simple banalities are perhaps the best thing life has to offer. In lieu of that why not turn to one of the simplest yet rustic snacks out there to munch on this time?

#10 Mushroom Tikka

An excellent option for a fan of Mushrooms would be mushroom straight out of a tandoor with a side of perfectly charred veggies to snack on. This is a good appetizing chakna for your party. Even your vegetarian friends will be happy.