5 Quick Snacks to Whip Up For Your Guests

Indian snacks tend to go overboard in terms of preparation time needed- samosas, jalebis, dhokhlas, and khandvis. Gone are the days when our mothers and grandmothers used to slave off in the kitchen to get these dishes made for household festivities. But what to do in case there are some unexpected (or uninvited ones) that turn up at our home on these festivities? We are the Instagram and Snapchat generation, whatever we need is a need to be fulfilled in a jiffy. Here are some quick snack recipes for your guests that you can quickly make in a matter of five to ten minutes.

1. Palak Patta Chaat

This Chaat is the healthier compatriot of its Papdi version, with the only difference being the substitution of fried spinach leaves. Quickly fry some spinach leaves in a cornflour batter, and spice it up with some jeera and sweet chutney and fresh curd, of course. We guarantee your guests will be left licking their fingers and their plates!

2. Mini Idlis

Pop a mouthful of these in just five minutes! Quickly mix some readymade Idli batter and steam them up in a smaller mould than the regular Idli one. Quickly take out your Idlis from the mould and garnish with them with some kari patta on top, or if you like it hot- gunpowder!

3. Tandoori Chaat

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There cannot be a snack which is more delicious yet appetizing than this. While preparing tandoori snacks can be a tedious process, this speedy recipe is something you can nail in no time. Just quickly cube some vegetables, cottage cheese, and add in some fruits too if you like! Fire up the tawa and quickly grill these on skewer sticks, and serve hot.

4. Garlic Bread


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This versatile dish is vastly underrated for its abilities to be tasty and yet fulfilling. And why go the bake way when you can do it much quicker? Heat up some olive oil on the pan and quickly chop some garlic and chilli to make some chilli garlic oil. Toast your bread and add the oil on top- et voila- your speedy garlic bread is ready!

5. Aglio Olio Macaroni

This is somewhere in the middle of a salad and a proper macaroni dish. Boil some macaroni, fire up some olive oil and add the pasta along with some oregano, chilli flakes, a dash of Tabasco and some onion sauce. Serve it hot to get some really happy guests who will be raving about your cooking to everyone they know!

Try out these quick bites for your guests, and let us know how they liked it!


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