5 Times Parfait Won As A Breakfast Dish

What we like about breakfast is that the world needs for it to be heavy and comprehensive. We can’t just have half a sourdough with some low-cal butter alongside half a glass of juice. Or black coffee. No, breakfast needs precision and intensity. It needs layers, it needs nutrients, it needs ingredients. Which is where parfait comes in; it is literally layers of fibrous foods in a breakfast friendly version of trifle. And this isn’t the only good bits of parfait. It goes further beyond, and we tell you how and why. 

1. It Is Easy To Whip Up

You know those TV shows where a fitness freak female or male protagonist who wants to DIY every meal? Well, parfaits fall in that. Use your yoghurt, or skimmed milk, some fruits, some nuts, and voila. It is literally something terrifically fancy looking that was absolutely easy to make!

2. It’s Super Portable

You don’t need to sit down for this breakfast. Or better yet, sit at just one place. All you need is a spoon and your parfait and this breakfast can go wherever with you. Plus all that fiber and nourishment with some activity will pump your body with endorphins!

3. The Versatility of Parfait 

Because parfait essentially uses multiple layers of good food, they can double up as spreads. And trust us something nutty, crunchy, and sweet is always a coveted spread. Trust us if its sweet, and its not Nutella, you are in the right direction.

4. It Is Adequately Gourmet

From looking akin to chia puddings, parfaits give you the chance to mix and match layers and entirely revamp the game. You don’t have to choose your granola with berries, you can mix it up with some peaches and some basil. You don’t need to have an all white parfait either, you can simply put layers of flavoured yoghurt with some fruits bits. You don’t have to settle for something usual when you can be completely outlandish!

5. Twinning With Dessert

Our in-house favourite thing about parfait is how similar it looks to a sundae. We mean if you squint your eyes perfectly it is just berries, nuts, chocolates, and vanilla ice cream! Plus it is sweet, so even without that squint it is similar to dessert! Now who doesn’t want dessert for breakfast?




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