7 Bite Sized Meals to Revolutionize Dinner Time

It’s terribly hot, and all we want to really do is consume fresh and healthy food without putting in too much of effort in preparing. Here are a few options that are easy to prepare – not to heavy – and are delicious. Check our selection of recipes and you will realize that quick and easy also means innovative and delicious. 

1. Mini Sliders and Sweet Potato Fries

This is an ideal dinner when you want to indulge in something unique but also not experimental. The best bit about mini sliders is that they can all be of different fillings that can add to the variety and the taste, like one with chicken, one with avocado, and one with just some veggies. Sweet potato fries will add a sweet tang to the whole combination, especially if you garnish it with some seasonal herbs! Plus, burgers always have a celebratory feel to them.

2. Spinach and Tofu Quiche
Cheesy dinners are everyone’s favourite, and are also quite filling. There hasn’t ever been a scenario where one has eaten an elaborate Italian meal and not wanted to fall asleep right away. But, just alternate cheese and meat with spinach and tofu to have a creamy, tasty, and super light meal.
3. Omelette Muffins
Breakfast meals for dinner aren’t just for the lazy ones. Considering breakfast should ideally be your heaviest meal, it won’t be such a blasphemy if you take it up for dinner. Fashion your favourite egg dish, like omelettes into little muffins, and have them with some yoghurt! It’ll be filling no doubt, plus creamy and rich too.
4. Grilled Cheese and Gazpacho
This is a top favourite of ours! Switch your warm tomato soup with gazpacho so it balances out the warm cheese oozing out of your sandwich. It’s an intensely comforting meal, and works wonders to have it as a dinner after a long day of work. If you want to be experimental have a summer squash gazpacho instead!

5. Summer Salmon Salad

Any food worth alliteration is absolutely delish! Salmon is essentially filling, without being too heavy for you. Pile it up high with some fresh veggies, and sweet fruits. Salads are summer favourite, but they can be boring after a while if we use the same veggie-fruit formula. This way it will be a little different, and very flavourful!

6. Pot Pie
If you are like us, the idea of warm pot pies greeting you at home is enough to make you go through an entire blah day! These are just absolutely delicious, and deceptively filling. Topped with a crunchy pastry, with a delectable filling of mushroom or chicken inside, these are the perfect bite sized dinner item. Take one spoon, bib yourself up, and dig in.
7. Warm Indian Chana Salad
How can we not have a yum Indian dish up on the list? Take all your favourite veggies – potatoes, paneer, eggplant, capsicum, jackfruit (of course no Indian salad is complete without chickpeas)! Roast them or grill them, add dollops of seasonal chutney, spices and herbs and enjoy a very traditional tasting dish, that looks summer fresh! It’s pretty much a win-win.

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