6 Tips To Host The Perfect Bottomless Brunch Without Blowing Your Budget

We all love the idea of hosting a brunch for our friends and spend some time in merrymaking. But we begin regretting the moment we realise its impact on our pockets. Hosting a brunch never comes cheap; from food to décor to alcohol, it isn’t after all the most pocket-friendly affair. However, this doesn’t mean it cannot be done without blowing your weekend budget. There are still ways where you can save money and enjoy the hell out with your guests.

Here are 6 tips to host a bottomless brunch without stressing over the budget.

1. Send a BYOB message

Serving alcohol is always an expensive affair and one easy way to cut down this costing is to enforce the BYOB method. You’re already serving all the food, so just ask your friends to get their own booze. It’s only fair to share the cost and there’s no shame in that.

2. Let eggs take the main stage

Eggs are a staple brunch; everybody loves them and thankfully, there’re never going to make a hole in your pocket. Use them as much as possible; serve them fried, scrambled with toast, poached. You can even get innovative and introduce the humble egg to your puri aloo.

3. Ditch the decorations

Yes, fresh flowers and all those plate settings with your guests’ names etched looks lovely, but it’s also unnecessary. So fill your tables with things that are integral to the gathering like home-cooked food, drinks, and your prettiest tableware. Trust us; nobody would take into account the lack of décor.

4. Small plates and glasses

You might think this puts forward a shabby attitude, but serving in small plates and glasses in reality are in the best interest of both the host and the guests. Serve your brunch on small plates and cocktails in small glasses and your people wouldn’t indulge in over-eating or over-drinking. They’ll consume less (a healthy habit) and therefore cost you less.

5. No things fancy

As long as your table is filled with delicious food, you don’t need to mess around with smoked salmon, roasted shrimp or smashed avocado. Serve your guests up with mouth-watering budget recipes and they’ll never notice the absent caviar.

6. Add flavours to your water

Smoothies or cold-pressed juices are an expensive affair; but infused water your flavoursome herbs and fruits aren’t. Everybody loves a combo of mint, lemon and lime, so get going and please your guests’ taste buds.