All The Desi Snacks That Are Better Than Videshi Starters

Now we know every now and then we wish to host our near and dear ones, serving them platter full of exotic starters that they find lip-smacking and gobble in seconds. However, in the want of crudites and canapes we forgot all about the snacks that are homegrown, equally tasty, and rather filling! Here are the top desi starters according to us, and we suggest next weekend you whip them up when your guests visit!


Gujaratis know how to take their snack game up several notches. Whether it is with the deliciousness that is dhokla, aur khandavi. We love the latter though, it’s smooth, it’s buttery – it is bite sized. Whip them up and serve them with some mint chutney, this will be a refreshing snack that will also fill up your tummies!


Ah, who can say no to this! It is essentially a golgappa, the size of your face, with all the toppings you could possibly think of. But it is massively crunchy and equally filling! Pair it up with dahi, sauth, and chutney – and oh my!


Now we aren’t talking about the usual papads here, these are a bevy of papad that consist of sabudana, aloo, and corn! Whip them up high in batches and then top them up with some cut pyaaz, tamatar. This is so easy to make that you can literally cook it up in less than half hour!

Kati Roll

Okay, we are kati roll lovers. Whether chicken, or anda, or paneer – kati rolls can do NO wrong! All you gotta do is have ample veggies at home, and some parathas! Easy to prep, and a mouthful of taste!


Flakey, crispy, wholesome! Its the vegetarian’s omelette, and yes you can lather it with ketchup and set it up between slices of bread!


Pakoras are the OG when it comes to Indian snacks, but onion bhajia take the cake. They are almost like onion rings, but when paired with some tomato sauce and achaar, tastes like the winner had there ever been a competition!


The funny thing about this is the unpopularity of this South Indian favourite, especially in North India. Paniyaram are the best thing to eat when you want a mixture of bite-sized goodness combined with just an earthen familiar taste.


Our favourite thing to take in tiffins as kids can now be fashioned as the best fusion snack there is. Some vermicelli, some paneer, some greens and you have a poke ball without the alien taste of ramen!

Vada Pav

And finally, the one snack that wins hands down compared to other snacks! This Marathi classic is perfect for when you want sliders, but want something chatpatta and homemade!

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