Fancy Strawberry Shortcake

Fancy Foods That Are Super Easy To Prep

Do you find an unhealthy obsession with the fancy foods list on Instagram? Well, we do too! We have tried to decode a few easy tricks so you can achieve these gastronomical delights, these fancy food recipes in your own kitchens. So bring out those cameras and be ready to taste the virtual heaven, in reality.

1. Chocolate Bananas

It looks like the perfect image to add to your Pinterest board, but what if you could actually make it, stock it and snack on while travelling to work? Freeze a couple of firm bananas, dip it in melted edible chocolate, dust it with any kind of chopped nuts/sugar sprinkles and stick it in an ice cream stick!

2. Strawberry Shortcake

Don’t let this photo deceive you, you may not have the requisite photography skills but this is literally the quickest dessert you can make! Buy a packet of biscuits (shortbread preferably), stuff it with some chopped strawberries and a layer of delectable whipped cream. You can buy a can or whisk it with an egg beater. Voila, your strawberry shortbread is ready to be consumed!

3. Summer Fruit Bowls

Fruit inside a fruit? Fruitception with summer bowls is not only a visual treat but a sensory delight as well. Scoop out a papaya and layer it with yoghurt, mint leaves, flax seeds, grapes, bananas, apples, berries and literally anything else you find

4. Chocolate Pretzels

Now we know pretzels may not be a regular snack stocked up in your homes, but it’ easily available in a good supermarket. Make tea a bit more spectacular by strategically dipping these delectable pretzels in melted chocolate. Sprinkle them with chopped pistachio or dried rose petals for that extra touch.

5. Artisnal Toast 

For people who are so content with their anda bread and cheese toast, jazz things up a little! There is so much food inspiration that social media provides. You could experiment with fun combinations like honey+banana+walnut or cream cheese+cucumber or Nutella+strawberries. Amp it up with some sesame or flax seeds and behold, simple toast but with a lavish and mostly healthy twist!

6. Floral Ice Cubes

Need we say anything here? Make that glass of water or sprite a bit more exciting by adding colourful ice cubes to it! Lemon, mint, basil, pomegranate seeds, orange grind- literally anything you can think of that will add some flavor and a pop of colour to your drink!

7. Infused Water

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Yum. lol Basil apricot infused water, anyone? Oh and lemon! #nomnomnom slurp! How's your day going? Mine has been slow to start but that is so nice sometimes. Just sippin' on some #matcha (duh) responding to some comments and messages and going on a hike soon. Oh to be amongst trees! Whenever I walk into a forest I feel like the trees are literally hugging me. Does anyone else feel like that? . Cheers to a positive day filled with love, light (and hugs from trees). – Rae . . . . . #vegandrink #vegandrinks #healthylife #healthyfood #ginger #veganfoodlovers #infused #infusedwater #letscookvegan #ahealthynut #drinkinspo #nourishyourbody #foodstyling #foodinspiration #fitfood #veganathlete #veganrecipes #beautifulcuisines #vegetarianrecipes #glutenfreevegan #fitvegan #eattheworld #howisummer #inspirehealth #tastingtable #kitchn #bestofvegan @foodblogfeed #pnwliving @food_glooby @a.healthy.nut @feedfeed.vegan @vegfeatures

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For all of you who don’t drink enough water, we have a solution! Infuse it with some thinly sliced cucumbers, aloevera or kiwi and sip away!





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