9 Ways To Make Your Chaat A Little Bit Healthy

Chaat has won over our hearts; the salty, sweet and tangy sensations satiate our taste buds like a pro. But a lot of us have to thwart our temptation as we believe the mouth-watering chaat doesn’t do much good to our health. But does chaat always have to be unhealthy? We refuse to believe so.

Here we present 11 chaat recipes that are as healthy as they are delicious. Dig in to these without feeling a single pang of guilt.

1. Sprouts chaat

This extremely nutritious chaat scores high on taste too. Lace it with lemon juice and chaat masala and the bountiful flavour will tease your taste buds like no other.

2. Air fried papdi chaat

Love for Papdi chaat is real and eternal. Give a healthy makeover to your favourite chaat as these air fried crackers are nothing less than their fried counterparts.

3. Corn chaat

Here’s your healthy take on traditional chaat recipes. Easy to make and delicious to have, corn chaat is an instant crowd-pleaser. Toss it with chutneys, veggies and a tad of spices and relish the superb flavour.

4. Arbi ki chaat

Give this chaat a try and you’ll keep wanting for more. The nutritious taro roots and the tangy flavours of lemon juice, amchur and tamarind chutney is a mouth-watering delicacy to binge on.

5. Oats chaat

This healthy alternative has all the chaat flavours, combination of all the taste, crunch, everything in it. Trust us; you won’t miss the chaat feeling at all.

6. Peanut chaat

A unique chaat preparation of boiled peanuts with turmeric and tossed with chopped onions and tomatoes, this will make your taste buds tingle. Besides being healthy and low-fat, it is a delicious and satisfying snack.

7. Matar ki chaat

You might be grossed out, but in reality matar ki chaat is a lip-smacking snack that brings in an assortment of right spices and soothing chutneys. Serve it hot and you’ll come out as the star of the party.

8. Aloo chana chaat

Quick to whip up and immensely satisfying, aloo chana chaat is a refreshing item of potatoes, chickpeas in a yogurt sauce. This delightfully sweet and tangy snack is an instant delight for all chaat lovers.

9. Murmura chaat

A light and an easy-to-make snack, reserve this for your busy work days. Add some lemon juice and sprinkle some finely chopped coriander leaves to enhance the flavour of this savoury snack.


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