8 Times Kulfi Was The Only Summer Dessert We Cared About

We have reached that part of the year, where the garam halwas have seamlessly given the dessert baton to thandi kulfis. No longer are we seeking comfort in the warmth of our favourite mithais; it is all about the fun-frolicky nature of brain-freeze desserts that numb your senses in the most blissful way with each bite you take. And nothing says something delish and desi than kulfi! So here are some of our absolute favourite ones!

1. Gulab Kulfi

Gulab adds a texture to the kulfi like no other, it is herby in an aromatic way and add a subtle sweetness to the dessert which is so exquisite.

2. Badaam Kulfi

Smooth, buttery, sweet, and well thanks to the almonds plenty nourishing – this kulfi is simple in theory but so flavour packed in practice!

3. Kesar Kulfi

Ah, the very addition of saffron delivers something so heartily wonderful to even the simplest of the recipes. Like your usual doodh kulfi can get transformed into a refreshing and unique dessert!

4. Pista Kulfi

The crunch juxtaposed with the milkiness itself deserves this one to be in the kulfi hall of fame!

5. Thela Kulfi

Nothing says nostalgia and comfort than a thela going tan tan tan, and kulfi being prepped out of steel vessels to our utmost joy! Full of milky goodness, this in its classic avatar is just yum!

6. Rolled Kulfi

The fancy way to eat kulfi included an elaborate machinery and some perfectly patterned swirls of rolls! Less cumbersome to eat and no compromise on the taste!

7. Fruity Kulfi

Whether mango, or watermelon – come summers and fruit based kulfis rule the roost when it comes to the dessert! Colourful, cold, and crave-busters; fruit kulfis are the perfect mix of sweet and fresh!

8. Kulfi Falooda

Whether it is kulfi rabri, or kulfi falooda, Indians have long had kulfis as an accompaniment to dishes and let us tell you a secret – pair it with whatever kulfi holds its own ground in the most decadent way possible!



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