All About The Chinjabi Delight, Pan Fried Noodles!

India’s affair with Chinese food is no secret. This love has given birth to a new cuisine, an amalgamation of both – Chinjabi. A cuisine that has been accepted with open arms throughout the length and breadth of our nation.

A product of this union this is the Pan Fried Noodles. And we think it’s high time the Pan Fried Noodles gets its due. Mind you! It is a dish by itself and no fancy name for the American Chopsuey. Here’s a little bit about this killer of a dish that more people should love.

Noodle Worship

Originally from Hong Kong, China, this dish has been recreated to suit the Indian palate. What quite literally lies at the core of this dish is soft noodles, just the right amount of crispy on the outside. The dish typically makes use of thin noodles. First the noodles are boiled, and then all of it is placed like a cake on a pan. The entire mass is flipped to crisp on both sides until they become a beautiful golden brown colour.

The gravy is made separately and then topped onto the noodles. A typical gravy for Pan Fried Noodles has a choice of meat with a variety of vegetables. The vegetables add color and freshness to the dish. Wholesome!

Noodle Worship

Understated is how the perfect Pan Fried Noodles should be, where each ingredient blends seamlessly yet serves a distinct purpose. It pairs very well with dry side dishes or can be savored just by itself. So, go ahead and try this delicacy and let us know what you think of it.





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