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6 Food Cravings To Expect When You’re Expecting!

Bun in the oven! Aah! She is delighted, cock-a-hoop and waiting for it while starving out of her freaking mind. Yes that’s right! With pregnancy comes along a whole lot of changes. Women gain weight, have sleep disruptions and the very same person then sleeps like a log. But the most important is her food aversions and cravings all at the same time. While all of us have had a food craving for that weirdly specific thing, pregnancy cravings are a beast all their own.

On some days, she can barely tolerate the sight of food and on others eating is all she can think about. What will be in her next meal? What will she hog into? Yummm…. We have rounded up some of the most common pregnancy cravings so that you can stock them up for yourself or for anyone with a bun in the oven around you.

Craving #1: Sweets

Craving for anything sweet is very common as pregnant women have a sudden rush for sugar. Chocolates or traditional sweets are the simplest fuel that the body can utilize. But be cautious as the sweet cravings can also be a sign of chromium, Vitamin B or phosphorus nutritional need. Plain fruits or fruit desserts are healthy alternatives to processed sugar.

Craving #2: Pickles and sour food

Pregnant women have sudden cravings for fermented vegetables, citrus fruits or any sour ingredient. Containing probiotics, fermented foods are very healthy for the mother and the baby. Citrus fruits are also rich in antioxidants.

Craving #3: Meat products

Another common craving is meat products and there’s no harm in that as protein is an essential building block for body tissues and organs. Iron content is another fine reason to crave for meat as it is essential for the formation of hemoglobin. However, avoid processed or raw meat and choose your meat from a reliable source.

Craving #4: Fish and seafood

Women most likely crave for fish or seafood because of the presence of Omega 3. Fish is obviously a healthy option but doctors recommend going for fishes that are less contaminated with mercury and other heavy metals. Properly cooked salmon, sardines or prawns are safe for pregnant women if eaten in moderate amounts.

Craving #5: Junk food

The most unhealthy pregnancy craving of all is that of junk food. A few would just hog onto crackers and chips all day instead of home cooked food. Primarily a sodium deficiency but morning sickness and heartburn are also behind this craving. But there is also a healthier alternative to junk food and that is by making your own chips and cookies.

Craving #6: Garlic and onions

Apart from the unpleasant smell, this is one of the healthiest pregnancy cravings. Garlic and onions are nothing but only beneficial to pregnant women. Besides being natural antibiotics, they are also rich in selenium, a rare element. It helps the body make special proteins called antioxidant enzymes that prevent cell damage. However don’t have garlic before bed as it could lead to bloating.


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