Pulao To Ramen: This Is The Ghar Ka Khaana Version For Lazy Cooks

If you are a lazy person, then life is an uphill task for you, but you are too lazy to care. However even lazy people can’t ignore food, and no matter how easy it is to order in (even the most healthy food), you sometimes crave for the familiarity that is Ghar Ka Khaana. The lightness of it, the individual texture in its taste, etc etc. But you are lazy, so you can’t really cook too much – so you gotta cook in small measures, like something that doesn’t require minute to minute monitoring. 

And here, are such dishes. So just make a trip maximum twice to the kitchen, sit back on your couch and just laze.

1. Fried Rice

If you own a pressure cooker, you can whip this up so easily we can’t even tell you. All you need is boiled rice, cut-up veggies, some masalas and some cooker ki seetis and you are done!

2. Pizza Toasties

Some cherry mozzarella, herby tomatoes, basil, bread – this is ALL you need to make some pizza….on a toast. It will taste like Margherita and you won’t need to particularly order anything in.

3. Chinese Style Fried Veggies

Peppers, beans, tofu, noodles, mushrooms, sesame, dill, and some soy sauce is how the most deliciously tasty meal comes to form. Plus all the veggies and tofu + the stir fried nature of it kinda makes this dish loaded with nutrients!

4. Mac and Cheese

Bowl macaroni, douse it in cream, milk, and cheese and oh my God- your most favourite comfort food ever has been made by you!

5. Fried Egg

Okay, nothing is as easy as fried egg. Plus some chives, some tomato and you are set for a warm gooey nice meal that took like 2 seconds of your time!

6. Creamy Mushrooms

Imagine the mac and cheese but with some more cream, some earthy and aromatic mushrooms, some extra proteins (if you want to). Eat this baby with rice, and YUM!

7. Ramen and Masala

If you like instant noodles, you will like ramen, especially when you can fashion it in anyway and sprinkle some masalas, some nimbu, and a whole lotta greens! Healthy, delicious, and oh- look you spent literally 1 minute on it.