These Tikki Recipes Will Change Your Winter Snacks Game

When we think of tikki we automatically think of the proverbial aloo tikki, we think of standing by a thela in the winter holding a dona that barely contains the goodness that this chaat is. But we can’t eat all tikki everyday can we? We can’t have copious amounts of aloo, and mithi chutney and chole – but tikkis are delicious and we deserve more of them. Especially when during winters we need snacks that warm our souls, and our palates!

So here are some fun fillings that will totally make you a sucker for all things tikki!

1. Sabudana Tikki

Sabudana is a household staple, one that we don’t really take advantage of. It is right there, but we only think of it when we want to cook falahari food during our fasts or #Navratras. But sabudana vadas are the most delicious little bite-sized goodness ever! They are soft, crunchy, and even smooth – plus if you cook them in coconut oil, they are pretty darn healthy too.

2. Paneer Tikki

Okay, we really can’t hate on Paneer ever. And puttng it in fried tikkis just make it all the more worth. But for some culinary ingenuity, whip up some tikkis mixed with fresh paneer. It will be both refreshing, and comforting!

3. Veggies Tikki

Ok this is the OG of tikkis. Peas, carrots, potato, onions, all mashed with herbs to make this perfect little patty that can fit as a standalone snack but work greatly even if you decide to stack it in between burger buns!

4. Dahi Tikki

Not only is this the most creamy and perfect way to eat dahi, but it is also the most filling way. These are super soft, and the texture just makes the tikkis melt in your mouth. Best paired with some pudhina chutney, these tikkis are a must have in winters!

5. Mushroom Tikki

Last but not the least, if you want something gourmet and something quick nothing beats a mushroom mash and some tikki! Go that extra mile and slice up some cheese to make it the most delicious quick snack ever!

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