6 Papads You NEED To Have With Every Meal

No traditional Indian thali is complete without papad. Whether as an accompaniment with the thali or as chakna or as an improvised starter, papad has managed to fit into every role with ease. Made from a variety of core ingredients and flavored with a variety of spices, there is no dearth of options! 

1. Black Pepper Papad

This one is undoubtedly a common favorite in the country. The kali mirch papad has just the right amount of heat. The black pepper hits your palate and you are sure to reach for more than your share.

2. Tapioca Sabudana Papad

This savior of a papad comes to the rescue during fasts or even otherwise. Devoid of any spices, the sabudana lends flavor to the papad all by itself. And we are not complaining!

3. Potato Papad

This bite-sized papad is India’s answer to store-bought chips. One of the most versatile vegetables, the potato, makes for an irresistible papad. Safe to say, the Aloo papads are gone before you know it.

4. Ragi Papad

A Maharashtrian favorite the ragi papad or nachni papad is extremely crispy. It is deep brown in color and coarse in texture. This is what gives this papad a distinct identity.

5. Rice Papad

Although made and eaten throughout the country this one is quite a specialty in the South of India. Low on spices and high on enigma this papad is mysteriously addictive and is best paired with sambar rice.

6. Garlic Papad

The garlic papad is extremely flavorful as is any garlic preparation. Most often this papad has dal as the core ingredient. Yet, the unmistakable flavor of garlic is what shines brightest in this preparation.






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