5 Raitas That You Need To Make All Summer For A Dose Of Freshness

With the sun scorching over our heads & temperatures soaring, we all need a little something to cool our palate. Raita, a side dish prepared with yoghurt and every Indian household’s patent accompaniment, is the one stop solution to all your culinary troubles this summer.

Here are five mouth watering raitas that you can prepare in ten minutes or under.

1. Aloo ki raita

The versatile vegetable can be used to prepare this ever so easy raita. Add chopped green chillies & some mashed potatoes to your fresh dahi and you’re done. Add 2-3 chopped mint leaves for brownie points! This simple raita works best with pulao and biryani dishes.

2. Louki ki raita

Made with the summer veggie bottle gourd, this raita is as nutritious as it is delectable. Often a jeera tadka is added to the raita that makes it extra delicious. This is probably one of the best raitas to have in the summers, as both yoghurt and bottle gourd help in keeping the body cool.

3. Makhana raita

Rich in nutrients like zinc, phosphorous, calcium & thiamine, fox nuts or makhanas are added to yoghurt to make this wonderful raita. No fertilizers or pesticides are used during cultivating makhanas, which makes them an organic food naturally.

4. Boondi ki raita

Made with fried gram flour balls, this north Indian raita is among the most widely popular side dishes. It is usually lightly spiced and tastes delightful with a variety of desi dishes. To garnish Boondi ka Raita, add some freshly ground cumin powder and chopped coriander leaves.

5. Cucumber raita

Rich in fiber, Vitamin C & Potassium, cucumbers are light and make for an amazing summer time veggie. This raita, made with grated cucumbers, tastes best with protein rich dishes like Rajma Chawal.  Asafoetida and ghee perk up the taste of this flavourful and appetizing raita.  You can add some chopped peanuts for an extra crunch!


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