Food Trends

A Man Just Bought Fish Worth 13 Crore At An Auction

During an annual fish auction in Tokyo, a man (we presume he is rich, because well, clearly) bought a bluefin tuna for 193.2 million yen that is equal to approximately Rs.13 crore, which is the second highest bid ever made

6 Dishes That Were Made 100 Times Better With Butter

Butter is actually super true to it’s name. It is the smoothest food available and it is delicious to the boot. We came to love butter with feverish delight even if it was perched ever so blithely on a toast.

PETA Claims Beer Is Healthier Than Milk

Alcohol might not be as bad as they say, after all. In a report, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) stated that beer is healthier than milk and they used studies by Harvard Medical School to back their

Air New Zealand Tests Edible Coffee Cups To Reduce Waste

New Zealand is determined to make a difference when it comes to sustainability and reducing waste of any kind that’s killing the planet. Almost a month after passing a ‘Zero Carbon’ bill which aims to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas

2010 To 2020: The Decade Where Food Was Always The Hero

Everything changes within seconds in today’s world; so imagine the difference a decade would make. Back when we were partying in 2009, none of us realised how much the food world would progress over the next 10 years. Then, there