5 Golden Rules To Make The Perfect Kebab

Who doesn’t like kebabs?  The juicy bites are actually delicious to a point that you actually start to salivate, almost instantly. You cannot deny that a lovely platter of juicy kebabs is a great crowd pleaser. Aren’t they just the perfect party snacks? The smoky, char-grilled aroma and melt-in-mouth texture doesn’t need an extra effort to get you hooked.

But there are a few secrets to perfection. Be it having a kebab or grilling a kebab, there are a few basic keys to success. But don’t worry as we have rounded up the golden rules of kebab for you. Next time you’re onto kebabs, just remember these.

Don’t over pack

Never over pack your skewer because forcing too much food will cook it slowly and unevenly. Thread the skewer loosely so that heat can move about the food evenly. Remember, a kebab cooks faster on the ends than it does in the center.

Cut to the proper size

Always cut the foods to proper sizes if you want your kebabs to melt in the mouth. Giant cubes of meat will take longer to cook and will lead to burnt exterior and a raw center. And nothing can be sadder than having a raw kebab. Just cut them small and you’ll never see the misery.

Choose ingredients that belong together

Always mix meats and vegetables that go along. You just cannot marinate your kebab in coconut chutney! Even pearl onions, cherry tomatoes and canned mushrooms just don’t fit on a skewer with kebabs. Rather use thin squares of onions or bell pepper and fresh mushrooms. And since most vegetables slide off of the skewer, always start and end with a good piece of meat or a hearty veggie.

Don’t forget to marinate

Kebabs always call for a marinate! Use garlic, rosemary and olive oil to do wonders for your pork tenderloin kebabs. Wrapping the meat in bacon doesn’t hurt either and it’s a must try. The goal is to impart the maximum flavour on your kebabs before they hit the grill. This’ll ensure you don’t have to rely on sauces afterwards to enjoy them.

Don’t ever mix your meats and produce

You must have don’t this your entire life but stop it now. It important to keep in mind that meat, vegetables, fruit do not cook at the same speed. Different types of produce need different cook times. Just simplify it and use individual skewers for individual kebabs. doing this will get you the faultless kebabs.


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