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6 Exotic Teas You’ve Never Tried Before

We as Indians love our chai and one thing we know for sure- we will never stop experimenting with the many kinds and flavours available. To make this experience more delectable and delightful, we put together our favourite picks that you must try once in your lifetime! Get your hands on some of these exotic flavours at The Tea And Food Festival taking place on January 12 and 13, this weekend in New Delhi.

1. The Kadak Masala Chai

This ‘shaam ki chai’ is the favourite go-to in every Indian household. The refreshing spices and herbs added to this make it a one of its kind, enjoyed best on a cold winter evening.

2. Matcha Chai

This widely famous form of tea is is basically caffeinated green tea powder that’s mixed with water and made into a solution. Belonging to Japan, this traditional recipe is a great antioxidant and a strong cup of matcha will give you a more than average rush of caffeine.

3. Oolong

This traditional tea belongs to China and brings with it health benefits that boost your metabolism. The pleasant aroma and fruity flavour results in reducing stress and calms down the mind as well; a great beverage to have right before you go to bed!

4. White Tea

Being a minimally processed, pure form of tea, white tea is made of newly grown buds or young tea leaves . This makes it one of the most expensive beverages available and a must try for everyone.

5. Po Cha or Butter Tea

Butter tea is famously enjoyed in colder regions where the temperature drops down very low like in Tibet where it’s a significant part of their lifestyle. This salty tea has a flavour that you probably haven’t tried before but will leave you wanting more!

6. Kashmiri Kahwa

This wine coloured green tea gives out a strong, refreshing fragrance of Saffron. Traditionally prepared in a brass kettle, the ideal Kahwa tea consists of cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, along with a few dried fruits.

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