6 Reasons Why Mexican is the New Italian

The days of the neighborhood fast-food pizza joints are numbered, as Mexican food has sure come a long way. From the times when Mexican was only a category of food pushed away to the farthest corner of the menu; when the only Mexican chips and dips we had access to were the ready-made Senor Pepito ones which came in industrial, functional- looking glass bottles. We’ve seen a new wave of restaurants in the country which are Mexican-only, which is definitely a step away from the ordinary for Indian restaurants. Diners are delighted to explore this all-new variety of food, which is, in an uncanny way, very similar to our own.

1. The Quintessential Mexican Dish

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This is where the Indian love-story with Mexican really started, and people say you never forget your first true love! Baked nachos with cheese added further glam to this classic dish, and soon every urban café picked up on the trend. The use of industry-made salsa reduced, and fresh salsa sauce with nachos soon became the norm.

2. The Drool-Worthy Dips

If we ever had a dollar for every time a Mexican dip made us go wow!- we would run out of money. Salsa was only a humble beginning to the unexplored world of dips Mexican cuisine has to offer- ranging from Pico de Gallo, Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, and so much more. And let’s not forget- the evergreen Guacamole. Mexican dips add that additional spice and zing that the Indian palate craves.

3. The Funky Names

Burritos, Tortillas, Enchiladas, Fajitas, Tacos, Chalupas, Quesadillas- all of these dish names just roll off our tongues as if they are long-lost friends waiting to be remembered. The names themselves arouse a curiosity in the listener as to what they really are- and are also dreaded by every spelling bee contestant! Remember, do it like in Mexico, just roll the R’s.

4. The Veggie Galore

If there is any cuisine, any restaurant, any dish that hopes to do well with the Indian market- it has to cater to the large vegetarian population. The smoky barbecue textures that come in options like beans, corn, peppers, and the more American cottage cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, leave a lot to the Indian imagination. Moreover, restaurants like Taco Bell are experimenting with Indian tastes by adding a spicy tandoori or a tikka flavor to their Mexican offerings. What more could foodies ask for?

5. The Healthy Alternative

Mexican food’s biggest advantage- it goes light on the stomach without compromising any of the taste. You can take your pick from healthy salads to baked tacos to the grilled quesadillas- everything is tailor-made for the calorie conscious. The use of so many veggies further adds to the heath factor. The methods of cooking are healthy too, with most of the food either being roasted or grilled, toasted or barbecued, baked or even served fresh!

6. The Drool-Worthy Desserts

If the cuisine is doing so well, how can Mexican desserts be far behind? Desserts such as the Tres Leches Cake, aka the cake made from three kinds of milks, the traditional flan, or even Churros are becoming really popular these days. Churros are the perfect end to the meal with their crispy, sugary goodness- had alone or with chocolate sauce. This trend has taken the world by storm, bringing more eyeballs towards the Mexican cuisine and prepping it for its popularity.


Hate it or love it- Mexican food is here to stay! With fast food outlets such as Taco Bell entering the market, this cuisine is set to get more and more localized. Get going to your nearest all-Mexican diner and start digging. Take it from us- you won’t be able to stop after just a bite.


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